Gary Paxton Industrial Park Dock Standard Berthing Application

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I have read and fully understand the restrictions and cautions associated with the use of the Port of Alaska terminal facilities as published in POA Terminal Tariff No. 8.1, Section 1, Item 120.


In connection with this Vessel Berthing Application, the undersigned hereby accepts responsibility, on its own behalf, for payment of the port charges as listed above by line item, or one hundred percent (100 percent) of such other sum as the Port, after review and revision of such estimates, has provided to the undersigned in writing in which latter case a copy of such writing is physically attached hereto. Further, IAW POA Terminal Tariff No. 8.1, Section 1, Part 6, Paragraph 3(b), Terms of payment for all applicable Port charges shall be cash-in-advance. In all instances where the party responsible for payment has not established credit worthiness with the Port and where responsibility for Port charges has not been accepted by another credit worthy entity, cash deposit or acceptable security in an amount equal to 125 percent of the estimated applicable charges shall be required to be posted with the Port, four days prior to the vessel's scheduled arrival, or at such other time as may be authorized or directed by the Port, but in all cases in advance of actual services rendered. Wherever a cash deposit has been posted, any excess thereof, after satisfaction of all applicable Port charges, shall be promptly refunded by the Port to the posting party.

I agree with financial responsibility outlined above.