About The Gary Paxton Industrial Park

The Gary Paxton Industrial Park (GPIP) is the premiere industrial development property in Sitka.  The reconstruction of Sawmill Creek Road by the Alaska State Department of Transportation was completed in 2015 in order to accommodate increased traffic to and from the industrial site. In 2017 the City & Borough of Sitka constructed a multi-purpose deep water dock, making the Gary Paxton Industrial Park a true access point for land to sea markets. The site offers deep water, adequate room for approach and departure maneuvers for ocean-going vessels and plenty of upland lots for marine service industries.  The Gary Paxton Industrial Park is where Sitka meets the sea!



With the opening of a major new container terminal at the Port Prince Rupert in British Columbia, Canada, Sitka presents new opportunities as a regional freight sub-port to feed into the Prince Rupert facility. The Canadian port has become one of four major shipping gateways on the west coast and the shortest link between North America and Asian markets. Using the Gary Paxton Industrial Park as your base of operations, you can take advantage of this opportunity to ship water, fish, and other products to Asia at lower freight costs.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Gary Paxton Industrial Park board and management, by direction of the Sitka Assembly, to strategically develop the park in a fiscally responsible manner that maximizes its economic benefit to the community through creation of meaningful jobs that conform with established community plans and policies.

Guiding Principles of GPIP

  1. Preserve public access and marshaling areas to the waterfront, as it is the most commercially viable waterfront left in Sitka.

  2. Make lease, buy/sell or other land use decisions based on the mission of the Park – to create family wage jobs for Sitkans in a financially responsible manner.

  3. Consistent with principles 1 & 2, identify and minimize negative cash flows to the City from the operation of the Park.

Deep water dock at GPIP:

The deep water dock at the Gary Paxton Industrial Park is ready for business!