Sitka's Water Quality

Blue Lake is a remote lake with absolutely no development, ranching or farming on its shores or in the watershed. The lake is fed by mountain spring, snow melt, and abundant rainfall (95" per year). Based on the City and Borough of Sitka Download Sitka's 2017 Water Quality Report, Blue Lake water is nearly pure in its natural state, and Sitka is not required to filter the water prior to purification and distribution to the consumer. The water that we sell for bulk water export is in its raw, untreated state. A complete chemical analysis of the water is available upon request.

Every year, the municipality is required to submit Watershed Control Reports which address the following:

  1. Identify any special concerns about the watershed and how they are being handled;
  2. Describe activities in the watershed that affect water quality;
  3. Project what adverse activities are expected to occur in the future and describe how the public water system expects to address them, and
  4. Report certification statement and signatures.

Sitka's 2017 Watershed Control Report indicates that recreational activities in the vicinity of Blue lake have not resulted in past or present "special concern" for Blue Lake water quality. In addition, there are no indications that past, present or expected future levels of human activities in Blue Lake watershed are having or will have any effects on source water quality and only a minimal threat of contamination exists. Water quality monitoring continues to verify that we do not have any realistic concerns with the watershed or its water quality.