The Gary Paxton Industrial Park holds monthly board meeting at 3p.m. (unless noted) at the Sitka Economic Development Association's conference room. The public is always welcomed & encouraged to attend.  To view the packet for the meeting's agenda items, simply click on the date.

Visit the City of Sitka Gary Paxton Industrial Park website HERE

Agenda Items:  Raw Water Infrastructure Update, Strategic Planning, GPIP FY2020 Budget, Hanson Maritime Co. Utility Dock Purchase Proposal, ABWI Water Line Storage.

Agenda Items:  Raw Water Infrastructure Update, Strategic Planning, PNW Civil, Inc. Lot 6 Lease Request

Agenda Items:  Raw Water Infrastructure Update, GPIP Access Ramp Project, Strategic Planning, Rock Discussion

Agenda Items:  Raw Water Infrastructure Update, Strategic Planning - WALKING TOUR, GPIP Raw Property Storage Rates.

Agenda Items:  Raw Water Infrastructure Update, GPIP Access Ramp Project, Strategic Planning, Rock Discussion.

Agenda Items:  GPIP Strategic Plan, Raw Water Infrastructure Update, GPIP Access Ramp Project, GPIP Port Tariff fee Modification. 

Agenda Items:  GPIP Strategic Plan, Silver Bay Seafoods Lot 9c Lease Request, Trident Seafoods Inc. Lot 6 Lease Request.

Agenda Items: CBS Water Rights/ Bulk Water Sales (Potential Executive Session), Arctic Blue Waters Alaska Inc. Bulk Water Request, Fortress of the Bear Lot 19 Lease Request, Silver Bay Seafoods Tidelands Lease Request, Trident Seafoods Inc. Lot 17 Lease Request, GPIP Strategic Plan.

Agenda Items:  CBS Water Rights/Bulk Water Sales (Executive Session), GPIP Officer Election, GPIP Strategic Plan, Consider making a recommendation concerning the transfer of Raw Water Funds assets to the Electric Fund to pay for potential enhancements to the bilk water delivery infrastructure (Executive Session).

Agenda Items:  City and Borough of Sitka Water Rights, Green Gold Distributor Water Purchase Request, GPIP Port Tariff, GPIP Port Planning.  

Agenda Items:  Administration Building, O'Brien Lease Lot 7, Arctic Blue Lease, GPIP Dock Insurance, CBS Water Rights.

Agenda Items:  Administration Biulding, NSRAA Lease Proposal, Northline Seafood Lease, Eagle Quest Ministries Lease, GPIP FY19 Budget

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning/Tariff Schedule, Administration Building-Invitation to Bid, Sawmill Farm Lease Area, GPIP Site Clean-Up, GPIP Dock Camera System

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning / Tariff Schedule, Administration Building RFP Results, Sawmill Farm Lease

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning/Tariff Schedule

Agenda Items: Eckert Fine Beverages LLC Water Purchase Proposal, Strategic Planning, Actic Blue Waters Ltd. Water Purchase Request.

Agenda Items: ABWI Equipment Purchase/Removal, Sawmill Farm Lease Review, Eckert Sales and Marketing Proposal, Strategic Planning, Northline Seafood Lease Request, Administration Building RFP.

Agenda items: ABWI Equipment Purchase, Strategic Planning.

Agenda items: Eckert Sales & Marketing proposal, Sawmill farm lease, Strategic planning, Silver Bay Seafoods Lot 9c lease request, Alaska Pacific & Packing ramp construction request, GPIP Administration building repairs/insurance settlement status, Administration building RFP, GPIP Dock lawsuit.

Agenda Items: Fortress of the Bear proposal, Eckart Sales & Marketing proposal, ABWI equipment removal/purchase, Water export discussion, Strategic planning.

Agenda Items: Strategic planning, Shoreline stabilization. 

  Agenda Items:  Strategic planning, GPIP dock project alternatives,     GPIP FY 2018 budget, Sawmill Farm.

Agenda Items:  ABWI tidelands permit, Strategic planning.

Agenda Items:  GPIP Multi-purpose dock contract award.

Agenda Items:  Sitka Bike & Hike request, GPIP dock proposal recommendations, CBC Construction lease, Sitka farm discussion.

Agenda Items:  GPIP dock proposal recommendations- Executive Session

Agenda Items:  Fortress of the Bear land purchase request, Strategic planning, Island Fever/Sitka Bike & Hike Lot 17 lease request, Tisher Construction Lot 6 lease.

Agenda Items:  ABWI water purchase agreement/Bulk water RFP, Strategic planning, I Water lease extention.

Agenda Item:   GPIP Sign, ABW, Strategic planning, marijuana zoning, NSRAA lease, Waterfront enhancement, bulk water, budget performance report

Agenda Items:  ABWI, BIBCO, Bulk Water, Silver Bay Lease

Agenda Items:  ABWI, GPIP 2017 Budget, Sawmill Farm