The Gary Paxton Industrial Park holds monthly board meeting at 3p.m. (unless noted) at the Sitka Economic Development Association's conference room. The public is always welcomed & encouraged to attend.  To view the packet for the meeting's agenda items, simply click on the date.

Visit the City of Sitka Gary Paxton Industrial Park website HERE

Agenda Items:  City and Borough of Sitka Water Rights, Green Gold Distributor Water Purchase Request, GPIP Port Tariff, GPIP Port Planning.  

Agenda Items:  Administration Building, O'Brien Lease Lot 7, Arctic Blue Lease, GPIP Dock Insurance, CBS Water Rights.

Agenda Items:  Administration Biulding, NSRAA Lease Proposal, Northline Seafood Lease, Eagle Quest Ministries Lease, GPIP FY19 Budget

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning/Tariff Schedule, Administration Building-Invitation to Bid, Sawmill Farm Lease Area, GPIP Site Clean-Up, GPIP Dock Camera System

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning / Tariff Schedule, Administration Building RFP Results, Sawmill Farm Lease

Agenda Items: GPIP Port Planning/Tariff Schedule

Agenda Items: Eckert Fine Beverages LLC Water Purchase Proposal, Strategic Planning, Actic Blue Waters Ltd. Water Purchase Request.

Agenda Items: ABWI Equipment Purchase/Removal, Sawmill Farm Lease Review, Eckert Sales and Marketing Proposal, Strategic Planning, Northline Seafood Lease Request, Administration Building RFP.

Agenda items: ABWI Equipment Purchase, Strategic Planning.

Agenda items: Eckert Sales & Marketing proposal, Sawmill farm lease, Strategic planning, Silver Bay Seafoods Lot 9c lease request, Alaska Pacific & Packing ramp construction request, GPIP Administration building repairs/insurance settlement status, Administration building RFP, GPIP Dock lawsuit.

Agenda Items: Fortress of the Bear proposal, Eckart Sales & Marketing proposal, ABWI equipment removal/purchase, Water export discussion, Strategic planning.

Agenda Items: Strategic planning, Shoreline stabilization. 

  Agenda Items:  Strategic planning, GPIP dock project alternatives,     GPIP FY 2018 budget, Sawmill Farm.

Agenda Items:  ABWI tidelands permit, Strategic planning.

Agenda Items:  GPIP Multi-purpose dock contract award.

Agenda Items:  Sitka Bike & Hike request, GPIP dock proposal recommendations, CBC Construction lease, Sitka farm discussion.

Agenda Items:  GPIP dock proposal recommendations- Executive Session

Agenda Items:  Fortress of the Bear land purchase request, Strategic planning, Island Fever/Sitka Bike & Hike Lot 17 lease request, Tisher Construction Lot 6 lease.

Agenda Items:  ABWI water purchase agreement/Bulk water RFP, Strategic planning, I Water lease extention.

Agenda Item:   GPIP Sign, ABW, Strategic planning, marijuana zoning, NSRAA lease, Waterfront enhancement, bulk water, budget performance report

Agenda Items:  ABWI, BIBCO, Bulk Water, Silver Bay Lease

Agenda Items:  ABWI, GPIP 2017 Budget, Sawmill Farm