Silver Bay Seafoods

Silver Bay Seafoods is owned by Stikine Holdings LLC, a Juneau-based corporation whose controlling interest is owned by a Sitka commercial fisherman. The company constructed a new, state of the art seafood processing facility with three processing lines and a daily freezing capacity of 500,000 pounds. During its first season of operation in summer 2007, the facility processed 20 million pounds of salmon (pinks and chums) and they are set to process five million pounds of herring harvested by the Southeast seine fishery with emphasis on the Sitka seine fleet. In 2009 SBS processed approximately eleven and a half million pounds of herring.

Silver Bay Currently employs between 25 and 225 people depending on the season.

Stikine Holdings purchased the pulp dock warehouse in 2008 and the former Stores Building in 2009.

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Sawmill Cove Address: 4400 Sawmill Creek Road Suite B
Sitka, AK 99835
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4600 Sawmill Creek Road
Sitka, Alaska
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329 Harbor Drive Suite 212  Sitka, Alaska
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